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Corporate Services


I can provide sessions, in work or away from work dependent on the most suitable for the size of your company. I do not mind travelling.


I can arrange and supervise other members of staff or voluntary counsellors/therapists.


I am self employed and will invoice accordingly.


I can offer contracted counselling and therapy on a booking basis or at a daily rate.


I provide a confidential service and already supply my services to some local companies.


Providing the right type of counselling and therapy is very important and I am able to provide counselling using the Arts if my clients find it difficult expressing themselves using words.  



I can also offer training on Mindfulness, Listening Skills and Counselling skills


Group sessions and drop in sessions have also proved to beneficial as these provide an opportunity for staff to see if counselling is right for them. It can also provide an opportunity to discuss small issues.


Please do hesitate to contact me should you require any further information.


0793 330 8848