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Play Therapy,

 Creative and Expressive Art Therapy                             and Counselling

Talking Therapy;

I apply an intergrative counselling approach when I work. This means I am able to to use a variety of modalities to enable the counselling sessions to be of the most value to my clients at that given time. Clients come to me presenting with a wide range of issues but because we are all unique, each person that comes to see me will be respected as an individual. In counselling I firmly believe that 'one glove does not fit all'.

After our first session, I will normally be able to give an idea of the amount of sessions that may be needed and I can work within time limitations if this is required.


Counselling using the Arts

This is a method of communication that can open the door to our inner world. It can remove the pressure that may be caused by trying to 'find the right words'. A variety of arts are available such as; painting, clay, music, and sand tray work. Working  this way may provide a powerful source of  enlightenment and understanding. This method of therapy encourages our inner selves to communicate through the arts to discover what may be going on for us; as this can often lay hidden to both us and the outside world.


Who uses Therapy and Why?

We are all vulnerable to events that surround and include us at some time in our lives. It is unfortunate that we find it difficult to make the first step into counselling but just by reading this, you already have. All members of the BACP will themselves have attended counselling, so I do understand that it may not be a step you will find easy to take. I will listen and endeaver to understand, I will not judge you nor will I give you answers but through listening and applying my counselling skills, I will encourage you to consider your own thoughts and feelings, discovering what may lay hidden. Having someone to 'talk to' that is totally open encourages the freedom required to be honest and to discover our true inner thoughts and feelings.  Confidentiality is always ensured.  


Here is an example of some of the issues that my clients have presented with;

Bi-polar                                                                                 Avoidence Personality Disorder

Depression Anxiety                                                             Mental Abuse

Family Issues                                                                        Self Harm

Relationship Issues                                                             Unreasonable/Unexplainable Behaviours

Behavioural Problems                                                         Relaxation/Sleeping Problems

Work Issues                                                                          Needing to Feel Heard

Long Term Illness                                                                Childhood Issues                                                                

Please be assured that if I feel you need more specialised help than I am able to provide, I will refer you on to an expert within that field. I will be open and honest with you at all times, whilst maintaining confidentially, so I would always discuss this with you first if I did feel a referral was necessary.


It may be that you find yourself in a situation where you need to make an important decision and need to have someone to listen that is not involved. I will help you see your situation from a rational and logical view, encouraging you to make an informed choice.


Non Directive Play Therapy allows space and time for a child to safely express their feelings in their own, very individual way. I can supply details from other parents confirming my suitabily and success. There are many different behaviours a child may display and through play, I can help identify what may be causing them. Children are not always able to understand why they behave in a certain way and this in itself is confusing for them.